Links - Community Organising

Seeds for Change

A selection of Seeds for Change'sown briefings and guides on facilitation and consensus, along with links to other resources available on the web.

On Conflict and Consensus

When choosing a decisionmaking method, one needs to ask two questions. Is it a fair process? Does it produce good solutions? 'On Conflict and Consensus: a handbook on Formal Consensus decisionmaking' presents a particular model for decisionmaking called Formal Consensus. The book is also available to download in PDF format.

Rhizome Coop Resources

This resource library collated by Rhizome Coop includes documents on facilitation, community organising, mediation and non-violent direct action. It includes resources produced by the group as well as other parties.

The Ruckus Society

The Ruckus Society provides environmental, human rights, and social justice organizers with the tools, training, and support needed to achieve their goals. The website includes a rich resources section.

The Wealth of the Commons: A World beyond Market & State

Over the past few years an explosion of innovative activism, scholarship and projects focused on the commons has been gaining momentum around the world. This growing movement consists of activists fighting international land grabs and the privatization of water; commoners collectively managing forests, fisheries and farmlands. 'The Wealth of the Commons' brings together the most vibrant strands of this international work into a single volume, revealing the significant potential of the commons as a new force in politics, economics and culture.

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