REDD Monitor

REDD-Monitor aims to facilitate discussion about the concept of reducing deforestation and forest degradation as a way of addressing climate change. An informative website full of news, views and analysis about REDD.

East African pastoralists record their climate reality

Maasai pastoralists from Kenya recorded their experiences of coping with seasonal and annual climatic variability as part of the project Pastoralist Transformations to Resilient Futures: Understanding Climate from the Ground Up.

Flattened Forests

Remote tribal communities in Papua have for the first time used digital video to tell the outside world about the impact uncontrolled logging is having on their traditional way of life. Training was provided by London-based Environmental Investigation Agency and Jakarta-based, Telapak. Providing financial incentives to developing countries to reduce deforestation will be high on the agenda at the Bali UN climate change conference (The Guardian, 2007).

The Root of the Problem

Deforestation and forest degradation have been occurring for thousands of years. Both deforestation, which completely removes the forest canopy, and degradation, which maintains the canopy but causes losses of carbon, are important sources of global warming pollution, as well as threats to biodiversity and to the livelihoods of forest peoples. In this report, the Union of Concerned Scientists explains these drivers and shows that they have changed fundamentally in the twenty-first century. The report focuses on the economic agents that play a critical role in deforestation. Author: Union of Concerned Scientists

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