The Global Land Grab: The New Enclosures by Liz Alden Wily

An essay by Liz Alden Wily which features in the collection The Wealth of the Commons: A World Beyond Market and State (The Commons Strategy Group).


Working for the respect, protection and fulfillment of indigenous peoples’ rights and operationalization of indigenous peoples’ self-determined sustainable development

Rights and Resources Initiative (RRI) Eng

The RRI coalition are directly engaged in land and forest policy reforms in close to 20 countries throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America. Together, they are working to encourage greater global commitment and action on pro-poor tenure, policy and market reforms.

One River, Many Relations

One essential voice is excluded from Canada’s largest and most controversial industrial development; the voice of Indigenous communities downstream from the Oil Sands. In close collaboration with local communities along the Athabasca and Slave Rivers our focus on changes in the health of wildlife, the environment, and local people have led us to develop the One River, Many Relations Documentary. Our hope is that our film can play a role in the sharing of information, concerns, and perspectives on development in the watershed, and also create connections between communities, citizens, researchers, industry, and government. In the process, hopefully all, including those of us that live up and down stream, can better realize how local people are being affected.

Pesticide Action Network, Asia & the Pacific

Advancing food sovreignty, gender justice, and environmental sustainability, PAN Asia Pacific (PANAP) is one of five regional centres of Pesticide Action Network, a global network dedicated to the elimination of harm upon humans and the environment by pesticide use. Alongside this, the centres focus on promoting sustainable biodiversity-based ecological agriculture (BEA).

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