Short Aljazeera video on the ‘grave threat’ to the world’s Indigenous people of COVID-19

A short Aljazeera video on the 'grave threat' to the world's Indigenous people of COVID-19

Indigenous Peoples and the COVID-19 pandemic

UNESCO’s first bulletin on indigenous peoples, which has a particular focus on their resilience in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

FAO Webinar on Indigenous Peoples and COVID-19

The Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic could have serious effects on indigenous peoples’ wellbeing, livelihoods and health. The webinar portrays indigenous peoples views and perspectives of the COVID-19 crisis and its effects and their suggestions to governments, international communities and UN agencies on the development an implementation of specific measures that ensure the respect to indigenous peoples’ rights during the pandemic and that includes an intercultural approach when dealing with the emergency, safety and health aspects of the response.


Ecoversities: learners and communities reclaiming diverse knowledges, relationships and imaginations to design new approaches to higher education.


Background information on Okani, Cameroon

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