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A Training Manual on Advocacy, Lobbying and Negotiation Skills

Indigenous peoples assert that rights cannot be compromised; however, indigenous peoples’ delegates have recognized the need to strengthen existing skills and capacities for lobbying and advocacy. AIPP member/partner organizations pointed out the need for a manual to help empower indigenous peoples with knowledge and skills forƒ†˜‘…ƒ…›ƒ†Ž‘„„›‹‰ effective advocay and lobbying to help empower indigenous peoples with knowledge and skills for ‡effective advocay and lobbying. Thus AIPP developed this training manual on “Advocacy, Lobbying and Negotiation Skills for Indigenous Peoples in Climate Change and REDD+.” (AIPP, 2013)

The Commons: A New Narrative for Our Times

The paper by Silke Helfrich and Jörg Haas examplains the concept of the commons and its relationship to debates about property rights. It also looks at the complex relationship between common pool resources and the communities that use them. This presentation is a sketch of current political and social conflicts; it also suggests how the commons profoundly challenges the neoliberal economic worldview. (Heinrich Boell Foundation, 2009)

Naming the Moment

This manual is for groups organizing around an issue to understand the method of political analysis for action, called naming the moment, and to encourage community groups to adapt the ideas to their own work. (The Moment Project, 1989)

Barefoot Guide: Working with Organisations and Social Change

The Barefoot Guides, bring stories, analyses, approaches and resources of interesting practice from around the globe, each under a key theme. The Barefoot Guide 1 is a practical, do-it-yourself guide for leaders and facilitators wanting to help organisations to function and to develop in more healthy, human and effective ways as they strive to make their contributions to a more humane society. The Barefoot Guide 2 is a resource for leaders, facilitators and practitioners involved in social change who want to improve and enrich their learning processes.

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