Documents - Community Organising

Campaigning with Grassroots Comics

Many people think that comics are mainly for children. However, what we call ”Grassroots comics” is a powerful medium for ordinary people’s expression and reading. This manual explains how comics can help in establishing public participation and making a campaign. (Sharad Sharma / World Comics, 2009)

The Palangka Raya Declaration on Deforestation and the Rights of Forest Peoples

"We, forest peoples, are being pushed to the limits of our endurance just to survive. Checking deforestation requires respect for our basic rights, which are the rights of all peoples and all human beings. Deforestation is unleashed when our rights are not protected and our lands and forests are taken over by industrial interests without our consent. The evidence is compelling that when our peoples’ rights are secured then deforestation can be halted and even reversed. We call for a change in policy to put rights and justice at the centre of deforestation efforts. The world cannot afford further delays." (The Palangka Raya Declaration, 2014)

Weaving a New Web of Life

Philippine indigenous peoples lead the way in an innovative partnership to strengthen their self-reliance and promote their heritage in a changing world - a case study by Yasmin A. Arquiza (ILO-INDISCO, 2001)

The Global Land Grab

A concise and indispensable critical guide to the global phenomenon of land grabbing. Find out how the global land grab is justified, what is driving it, why transparency and guidelines won't stop it, and learn about alternatives that could enable people and communities to regain control of their land and territories. (Transnational Institute, 2013)

Caught in the Crossfire

A report by ABColombia on the situation of Colombia's indigenous peoples in light of the country's ongoing armed conflict, as well as peaceful resistance and self-protection undertaken by the communities. (ABColombia, 2011)

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