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Big deal for indigenous rights

29th Aug 2013
A historic agreement was signed in South Africa between indigenous San and Khoi groups and the pharmaceutical company; it which acknowledges the San and the Khoi’s medicinal plant knowledge and confrims they are ‘legally entitled to a fair and equitable share of the benefits that result from the commercial development of the buchu plant’. (OSISA)

Rap video gives new life to Loreto’s Kukama language

9th Aug 2013
The people of Nauta, Loreto don´t want their native language, Kukama-Kukamiria, to disappear. So to that end the NGO, Create Your Voice, teamed up with a local radio station, Ucamara, to record a song with hip hop and traditional rhythms sung by children to save the language from the brink of extinction (Diego M. Ortiz / Peru this Week)

Indonesian Court Ruling Gives Land Rights Back to Millions of Indigenous

19th Jul 2013
On May 14 Indonesia’s constitutional court ruled to modify the language of a 1999 law, effectively placing millions of hectares of previously government-controlled forest land back into the hands of indigenous peoples. (First Peoples Worldwide)

Success: Soliga tribe’s forest rights upheld in court

19th Jun 2013
A village belonging to the Soliga tribe in southern India has won an important court victory after its entire stock of honey was seized by local forestry officials in May. (Survival)

Resurgence of indigenous identity in the crossfire in Brazil

19th Jun 2013
The “national strike” organised Friday Jun. 14 mobilised a few thousands of farmers in some places and a few hundred in others. But the protests and roadblocks were only part of an ongoing offensive by landowners and agribusiness against the creation of new indigenous territories and the expansion of existing ones. (Osava / IPS)

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