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Resurgence of indigenous identity in the crossfire in Brazil

19th Jun 2013
The “national strike” organised Friday Jun. 14 mobilised a few thousands of farmers in some places and a few hundred in others. But the protests and roadblocks were only part of an ongoing offensive by landowners and agribusiness against the creation of new indigenous territories and the expansion of existing ones. (Osava / IPS)

Cutting trees, not traditions

21st May 2013
The demand for sustainable timber is colliding with the needs of Central Java farmers (Lagaida / Inside Indonesia)

Illegal logging robbing people in Africa of livelihoods – Global Witness

1st May 2013
Logging firms secretly given permits for land while communities in DRC, Liberia, Ghana and Cameroon struggle for timber. (The Guardian)

Sugar company Rajawali is destroying forest without permission in Malind district

15th Apr 2013
Without the knowledge or consent of local landowners in Kampung Onggari, Malind district, Merauke, subsidiaries of the Rajawali Group are destroying ancestral forest, evicting areas of importance and swamps belonging to the people. It is believed that this has been occurring since the end of 2012. (Pusaka)

Communality as a way of life and resistance

1st Apr 2013
The indigenous Zapotec cultural system of living in harmony with nature coincides with the Andean concept of Good Living. (Latinamerica Press)

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