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Honduras’ Garifuna communities resist eviction and theft of land

4th Aug 2015
Along the Atlantic coast of Honduras, Garifuna communities are organizing to resist evictions and the dispossession of their territories by mega-tourism projects, narco-traffickers and the expansion of agricultural plantations (Jeff Abbott /

Palm Oil Industry Tied to Ecocide in Guatemalan River

6th Jul 2015
The Pasión River in northern Guatemala is a disaster area. Beginning on June 6, residents along the river in the municipality of Sayaxché, Peten, began to find millions of fish, their primary source of food and income, floating dead in the river. (Jeff Abbott /

World Bank Projects Leave Trail of Misery Around Globe

16th Jun 2015
In developing countries around the globe, forest dwellers, poor villagers and other vulnerable populations claim the World Bank -- the planet’s oldest and most powerful development lender -- has left a trail of misery. (Kushner, Langat, Chavkin and Hudson /

Malaysia: Long journey to land recognition

7th Jun 2015
Communal forest land has been a bone of contention between indigenous people and the state for the longest time with the Government expected to decide on the issues soon. (Admin / Indigenous Voices in Asia)

1,000 Ata Manobo kids fail to enroll after DepEd closed IP school

7th Jun 2015
DepEd closes NGO-run school on accusations that it teaches the communist ideology and is strongly supported by the New People’s Army. (Philippines News Agency /

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