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From Forest to Delhi: Tribal Foods of India

5th Oct 2015
To celebrate India's rich and vibrant bio-cultural heritage of tribal foods, indigenous forest people of our oldest surviving tribes from 7 states will be at the 8th CMS VATAVARAN (Source The Hansindia)

‘Catastrophic failure’: World’s indigenous communities lack rights to 75% of their land

2nd Oct 2015
The report finds indigenous peoples and local communities have legal rights to just 18 percent of the world's land area. Lack of indigenous land rights can contribute to poverty, loss of cultural identity, and environmental destruction. Many countries have the means to extend land rights in the near future. (Erickson-Davis /

AMAN Slams Govt for Leaving ‘Indigenous Peoples’ Out of Climate Plan

16th Sep 2015
Indonesia's outspoken watchdog for indigenous peoples' rights has lambasted the government for not using the term "indigenous peoples" in the country's proposed climate actions outline for the period beyond 2020 (Gokkon /

Understanding land grabbing, land rights in the 21st Century

28th Aug 2015
Issues or problems associated with land have become more multi-layered in the 21st century. In particular in the Philippine setting, a number of “pro-poor” land laws were enacted after the Marcos dictatorship. Underpinning these themes is the issue of power...” because land grabbing is a political issue with economic goals. We need to know the basics about land grabbing—the who, what, where, and how—in order to grasp the complexities of the issue.(

Promised task force on indigenous rights in Indonesia hits snag

18th Aug 2015
Disappointed 'adat' leaders wonder whether President Jokowi has the muscle to make good on the pledge. (Cory Rogers /

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