News - Land Rights

Amazon Indians unite against Canadian oil giant

19th Mar 2013
Amazon Indians from Peru and Brazil have joined together to stop a Canadian oil company destroying their land and threatening the lives of uncontacted tribes. (Survival International)

Indonesian pulp giant APRIL is bulldozing Indigenous community forests

5th Mar 2013
Once again, an Indonesian pulp and paper company is clearing the forests of indigenous communities to replace them with industrial tree plantations. Once again, villagers are protesting. Once again, the police and authorities are siding with the company. (REDD Monitor)

‘Unprecedented’ suspension of mining on Colombian Indians’ land

21st Feb 2013
A Colombian judge has suspended mining concessions in an ‘unprecedented move’ to protect Embera-Katío Indians’ land in north-west Colombia. (Survival)

Indigenous peoples’ rights violated and traditional lands in Guyana threatened by mining

18th Feb 2013
At the beginning of 2013, indigenous peoples in Guyana are becoming increasingly alarmed over continuing and growing disregard for their legitimate rights by miners and government agencies and gross rights violations which have been endorsed by the judiciary in two recent cases. (FPP)

Colombia halts mining multinationals in indigenous territory

13th Feb 2013
A judge suspended Monday all activities by mining companies in nearly 50,000 hectares of indigenous lands in northwest Colombia. (Colombia Reports)

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