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Honduras’ Garifuna communities resist eviction and theft of land

4th Aug 2015
Along the Atlantic coast of Honduras, Garifuna communities are organizing to resist evictions and the dispossession of their territories by mega-tourism projects, narco-traffickers and the expansion of agricultural plantations (Jeff Abbott /

Inter-ethnic Summit Brings together 25 Indigenous Nations to Strengthen Resistance

3rd Jun 2015
Government of Argentina refuses to meet indigenous peoples (Fionuala Cregan / Intercontinental

As climate talks belch hot air, activists are putting their lives on the line

21st Apr 2015
Artificial, self-important UN summits could not be further from the frontline of protest, where environmentalists are being killed at an alarming rate. Of those killed, a shockingly high proportion, 40%, were indigenous people. (Andrew Simms /

Guarani communities win eviction reprieve in Brazil

3rd Apr 2015
Three Guarani Indian communities in central Brazil have been given a glimmer of hope that they can remain on their ancestral lands, after legal rulings overturned or suspended orders to evict them (Watson / Survival).

Indigenous rights ‘denied’

27th Mar 2015
Despite Cambodia’s indigenous peoples being legally recognised and protected under the country’s Forestry and Land Laws, limited implementation combined with a lack of coordination have resulted in many indigenous communities being denied their land and legal rights, according to a report by the Heinrich Böll Foundation. (Ethan Harfenist / Phnom Penh Post)

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