Land Grabs and Land Rights

The Territories of Life toolkit is a series of 10 short videos that shares stories of resistance, resilience and hope with communities on the frontline of the global rush for land. The aim of the toolkit is to share stories, experiences and ideas between communities, and to help spark discussions of your own.

Leadership & Popular Education

In Indonesia we are working on developing long-term training programmes for young indigenous leaders. We are also facilitating shared approaches to leadership and to long-term self-determined community planning between indigenous peoples across the global South.

Pulp and Paper

LifeMosaic has produced and distributed a series of films about industrial timber plantations in Indonesia. The films focus on how these plantations impact on the local economies, lives and land rights of the communities living on or near them.


In 2011 LifeMosaic produced a film for communities on REDD in Indonesia. 'REDD on the Threshold' is a 30 minute film that introduces key concepts to help communities understand REDD; and discusses risks and opportunities faced by communities in REDD project areas.

Climate Change

LifeMosaic, working closely with 30 communities and 20 indigenous peoples organisations, produced a unique set of films for indigenous communities to raise awareness and build knowledge about the issue of climate change and how it relates to indigenous peoples, cultures, rights and territories.

Oil Palm

LifeMosaic, in partnership with Friends of the Earth and Sawit Watch, coordinated a project aimed at bringing critical information about the impacts of oil palm to communities in plantation expansion areas, enabling them to make informed decisions about their lands and their futures.

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