Territories of Life

A series of 10 videos about land and rights

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LifeMosaic supports indigenous peoples in the humid tropics to get their voices heard, and to access the information that they need to make informed decisions about their futures.

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Find out about some of our recent screenings of Territories of Life

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PNG villagers count huge cost of damage from logging

Communities in Papua New Guinea's West Pomio District will suffer more than $US 730 million worth of damage due to Special Agriculture Business Leases, according to a local advocacy group. (By RadioNZ)

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Climate Change

'Fever' is a unique set of videos for indigenous communities to raise awareness and build knowledge about the issue of climate change and how it relates to indigenous peoples, cultures, rights and territories. Dubbed into 6 languages, these videos have been disseminated to local communities in over 20 countries.

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Part 1: Fever explains what climate change is and why it is so important to indigenous peoples. The film covers: what is climate change; what is carbon; what is the greenhouse effect? What are the underlying causes of climate change? What are the impacts of climate change? (LifeMosaic, 2010)

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