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LifeMosaic supports indigenous peoples in the humid tropics to get their voices heard, and to access the information that they need to make informed decisions about their futures.

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Explore the ‘News’ section for a variety of stories and articles about issues affecting indigenous peoples across the world.

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Explore the ‘Resources’ section to find a wealth of videos and other resources suitable for grassroots movement building with indigenous and local communities in the humid tropics.

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Latest news

Promised task force on indigenous rights in Indonesia hits snag

Disappointed 'adat' leaders wonder whether President Jokowi has the muscle to make good on the pledge. (Cory Rogers /

Featured Project

Pulp and Paper

LifeMosaic has produced and distributed a series of films about industrial timber plantations in Indonesia. The films focus on how these plantations impact on the local economies, lives and land rights of the communities living on or near them.

Featured Video

Message from the Maasai

The Maasai from Tanzania are one of Africa’s oldest tribes. The Tanzanian government has just announced that it plans to evict thousands of Maasai families from their lands so that wealthy tourists can use them for elite hunting safaris. This is a video message from the Maasai to request global solidarity for their struggle to protect their territory and culture. (LifeMosaic / NGOnet)

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